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Shavuot Hot Packages

Shavuot Hot Packages

Once Shavuot makes its way around the corner, that is when the yummy dairy dishes get served which is in line with the commandment given to the Israelites to separate meat and milk. Shavuot time is such a great time in the lives of Jews. This time around, your Yom Tov can be enhanced by making use of these Shavuot hot packages and delicious recipes that will get you excited –


This delicious soup involves the use of onion, carrot, vegetable stock/water, salt and pepper, ginger, potatoes, as well as, garlic, onion, celery stick, sour cream, milk, and bodek cabbage. To get this soup prepared, get the onion, carrot, as well as, celery and garlic chopped inside the food processor. And then, get the oil heated inside the saucepan. Throw in your vegetables and well-seasoned potatoes, and cover the pan. As it begins to soften, throw in the stock and increase the heat so that it boils until the veggies become tender. Go to your food processor and get the soup whizzed until it becomes smooth. Now, go back to the pan and throw the ginger in, including the cabbage. Once the cabbage gets tender, season with some pepper, as well as, some salt and serve.


This is another of the Shavuot hot packages, and light meals are highly craved because of how they delicious they are and how beneficial they can be for you. Every year, you are sure to find this dish around. To prepare this dish, you need fillets, zucchini, diced squash, salt, lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, as well as, paprika, garlic, tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and basil.

To prepare this dish, mix your olive oil, paprika, black pepper, lemon juice, and salt in a bowl. Then, sprinkling your sole fillet and keep it aside. Get a large skillet and have some oil heated with medium heat. Include your zucchini, yellow squash, as well as, onions and garlic. Now, let it boil for some minutes. Then, include your tomatoes, the salt, and pepper that is left, as well as, your Italian seasoning. Allow to cook some more and once the vegetables are tender, turn it into a bowl and keep it covered.

Shavuot Hot Packages

Add more oil to the skillet, as well as, the sauté sole until you can get the fishes to flake easily and they are golden brown. Take out the fish and took them in vegetables. Sprinkle some basil and getting served with some specialty garlic, as well as, parsnip mashed potatoes

There are lots of Shavuot hot packages available, and you can get to make use of any of them. These dishes discussed above are very delicious and, every year, families always look forward to them. So, make use of them to give your Yom Tov the upgrade that it needs. There are also, other great recipes that you can use to spice up the Shavuot.

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