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Rosh Hashanah Delicious Packages

Rosh Hashanah Delicious Packages

Soon it will be time for Rosh Hashanah where you’ll hear new year greetings, and if you’re someone who likes to party just like every other person does on the day that marks the end of the year, you need to have some Rosh Hashanah delicious packages in order to spice up the spirit.

Rosh Hashanah Delicious Packages

Here, you’ll find some traditional Jewish food for the holidays in order to celebrate the coming new year in style –

Honey dipped apples

This is one of the Rosh Hashanah delicious packages that is very easy to make. All you have to do this chop some apples up, get you some honey and let everyone dip the apples into them and enjoy.

Sweet Noodle Kugel

In order to spice up the holiday spirit, something sweet will be nice rather than savory. Trust that you will love this recipe as it is very popular during the holidays and you can tweak it to your own taste. You can make use of noodles that are free of gluten or make use of kosher egg noodles. Whichever way, the result is always perfect.

In order to prepare this, you need cottage cheese that is low in fat, sugar, eggs, margarine, as well as, sour cream that has low fat, broad egg noodles, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla.
Preparing it is very easy. Get all the ingredients mixed without the noodles, as well as, the cinnamon sugar.

Once adequately mixed, stir in the noodles. Put it in the baking dish and sprinkle it with some cinnamon sugar. Allow it to bake for almost an hour and once it is set, cool it for some minutes before you begin to serve it.

Herb Braised Brisket

Here is another of the Rosh Hashanah delicious packages that we have on board. A fantastic brisket is something that will always be craved. It is, especially, superb if gotten from the kitchen Shiksa.

Honeybun Cake

The honey bun cake is something that you want to taste every holiday. There are lots of different recipes, and you can come up with yours in creative style.

Round Challah

You have a very good opportunity at the Rosh Hashanah to prepare your channel to suit your taste. Once the new year comes around, it is a common practice for a round nose to be made which serve as a representation of the circle of life. You can go crazy by making his bread in different ways. This is definitely one of the Rosh Hashanah delicious packages that everyone will love.


Tanziya happens to be a very delicious Rosh Hashanah food that is eaten traditionally. This particular dish comprises dried fruit with which a large quantity of onion, as well as, is used to prepare it. This particular dish is extremely sweet and happens to be very delicious. Of course, there is no way you’ll be able to do without fish, so, you can make use of something like the festive Moroccan fish to prepare yours.