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The Best Spices From Israel

When it comes to spices, Israel can be said to be one of the countries in the world with the best ones. So if you’re a tourist visiting the city, you should definitely stop by their markets and stores to get some.

What are the best spices from Israel? Well, keep reading below to find out!

The Best Spices From Israel

  • Spearmint
    Spearmint, which is also normal mint is one of the most popular spices from Israel. In the country, most of the citizens grow this spice themselves. This is because Israelis are very big tea drinkers and spearmint makes a great addition to tea. Sometimes the spearmint is added to just hot water without tea leaves. These spices can also be used as salad toppings and added to mozzarella salats. In Israeli restaurants, spearmint leaves can be added in your tea for no extra cost.
  • Dill
    To enhance the taste and flavor of your salads and stews, you should give this spice a chance. It is very easy to use with its remarkable flavor.
  • Za’atar
    This spice comes in different types. It is a very popular family of spices which include thyme, savory, oregano, and basil thyme. To make this spice sometimes salt, sumac and fennel are added. To give extra taste to your pastries and salads, you should definitely pick up some Za’atar.
  • Paprika
    Who doesn’t love some paprika? This is one of the best spices from Israel. If you are a lover of chicken, then smoked paprika can do wonders for your meal.
  • Rosemary
    This spice can either be used dried or fresh for seasoning meat and fish. It is also easy for anyone to grow. If you have a garden, you can plan the spice yourself. Asides meat and fish, it can also be used in preparing potatoes.
  • Coriander
    This spice has an interesting history in Israel. The spice has been used by many generations in the past. Some of the spice was found by scientists in the tomb of ancient Egyptian kings, and it has also been mentioned in some old Jewish records. Coriander is a great spice to add to stews, soups, and salads.
  • Sage
    This spice is an aromatic spice which can be used as seasoning for all kinds of meat. There are various types of sage, some of which can be used in preparing sauces and pasta. Some people also drink it for its health benefit properties.
  • Oregano
    Oregano is a spice with an interesting history. Once, the people of ancient Rome and Greece observed that insects and bugs avoided the spice and so they believed it could protect a person from evil spirits, so they used it for purification. In recent times though, oregano is one of the best spices from Israel as it can be used in making pasta, pastries, omelets, and pizza.
  • Thyme
    Thyme is another popular spice which can be found in Israel. It can be used in seasoning different kinds of foods. It also has a catchy aroma.

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