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Wines From Israel – The Best Grapes

Wines From Israel – The Best Grapes

The best way for you to get a good experience of the land of Israel is to have a taste of what land has to offer. A good wine from Israel is the best way to do that as it will give you an avenue of savoring the land with some Israeli flavor. A good wine from Israel is not something you get to see every day. They are distinct and stand out from any of the average wines that you know.

It is possible to find most of these wines where you reside, but it could be difficult to do so. However, there are lots of Israeli wine stores where you can find a good wine from Israel. Some of the wine will give you the chance to have a taste and go on wine tours.

Wines From Israel – The Best Grapes

Check out some of these fantastic wines which are produced from the best grapes that come from its environs. Although these wines are not super expensive, they are not really so cheap.

The Golan Heights Syrah

This wine comes from the vineyard of the popular Tel Phares and will give you a pleasant surprise. The bristly edges which you usually get to see with Syrah wine are absent here and, rather, it has a lavish body. This one is very fruity and contains traces of red stone fruit, as well as, a bitter finish that is quite pleasing which reminds you of wild herbs.

The Pelter Pinot Noir

As usual, wines that come from Tal Pelter are idiosyncratic, as well as, very refined. A varietal, this wine is very touché, and it gives you a body that you cannot resist with its silk and beautiful look. There are back fruit notes that come with slight oak detail.

The Shyo Rose

Just a few years back, many wine reviewers actually voted this wine from Gaby Sadan which comprised of Barbera grapes entirely as arguably the very best rose wine to ever have been made, and it earned an amazing score of 91%. It was at this point that the new winery gained fame all around the world. Fast forward to modern times, and it still retains the greatness that it was once known for.

The Margalit Enigma

You find the enigma inside a bottle where it is wrapped with a bottle that is dark and has a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, as well as, Cabernet Franc. Of a truth, this one is very pleasing to the palate. When you talk of the premium wineries in Israel, Margalit stands out as one.

Domaine du Castel Grand Vin

Here, Eli Ben-Zaken produces a master class by blending Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, as well as, Melbec and Petit Verdot. This wine has received a lot of praises as a good wine from Israel. It comes with the depth which everyone hopes to see in Cabernet blends.
These wines are very good wines from Israel that will give you a feel of what Israel is like.